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When I was Pregnant with my son Aryan, my sister-in-law who happens to be a clothing designer made me a gorgeous looking gown and belly band keeping in mind all my needs. At the time of delivery, when I was asked to wear the hospital gown - I told the Hospital staff that I have one of my own. All the nurses, doctors and my fellow patients who were there were amazed to see the convenience I had wearing my special gown. Everyone kept asking as where did I buy this gown from? I got compliments from all the staff and it made the pictures with the new born even more beautiful. With all this happening around me I was thanking my sister-in-law for this beautiful gift that she designed for me. I was delighted to be termed as style queen at that point of time.

I remember people wearing those traditional boring maternity gowns with those inconvenient string attached to them, I am sure this idea will change the whole experience of delivery wearing the traditional gowns. Also, I wanted to make sure that this product is available to everyone as it so comfortable and easy to use.

Keeping above in mind I along with my sister-in-law have worked on the range of products, which will make your Pregnancy experience convenient and comfortable.

And this is just a beginning; please await exciting new products to be launched in near future.



Parul & Shweta


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Starting at just $19.99 Our Maternity Hospital gowns are the must have products on the list of necessary product that will need in the Hospital While bringing the little angel of your dreams. Packing a hospital bag for you don’t forget our maternity delivery gowns they are perfect for the big occasion. When you are looking for baby shower gifts there is nothing that can compare our Maternity Hospital gowns and our Maternity Belly Bands. Hey you are a big mama don’t worry our Maternity hospital gowns comes in three sizes good for the big belly size at the time of delivery. Scientifically proven our Hospital Gowns helps you in heeling fast when you have a C-section as they are easy to wear and are very comfortable. Looking to cover the belly in the early months our Maternity Belly bands comes handy. You not only cover your unbuttoned pants but they add length to you expensive tops. Hang on! Girl our maternity belly bands not only covers you before the delivery but they are great in covering your body after the delivery, at the time of breast feeding. Looking for designer products within your price range so that you can spend more on the little angel. Our Maternity Belly Bands and Maternity Hospital gowns are not just good in your budget but the quality of the product is comparable to the best in the industry.

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